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Couples Counseling

Have you and your partner become distant? Are you spending a decreased amount of time with each other? Does every conversation lead to an argument? In couples counseling my goal is whatever the couple's goal is. I provide couples with an unbiased point of view and help them determine what their goals are. If a couple is struggling with communication and the relationship isn't a safe space for both partners that connection that was once there begins to deteriorate. 

Trauma Therapy

I'm a certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy (TF-CBT). Trauma impacts us all in many different ways and can effect the way we function on a daily basis. Whether you've experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, grief/loss, domestic violence, community  violence, natural disaster, etc. I help develop the tools necessary to address these difficult experiences. As an African American female I know all to well the impact racial trauma can have on a person's daily life. The images we see each day in the media and stories we scroll past while on Facebook are a constant reminder. Sometimes we may not even realize the impact. I'm here to provide you with a safe space in which you can explore your feelings and your concerns.

Other Counseling Services

Other issues I have a great deal of experience with are depression, anxiety, parenting, family conflict, sexuality, and life transitions.  If you've been struggling with life stressors, feeling a lack of motivation, lacking support,  questioning your own ability, or questioning your sexuality or gender identity lets work together to tackle your concerns. As a marriage and family therapist I'm trained in working with families and helping them address conflict and parenting issues. Love, communication, and respect are crucial in all relationships. 

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